Like Lambs to the Slaughter

by Johanna Michaelsen

In our opinion, Like Lambs to the Slaughter is must reading for any parent, grandparent, teacher, pastor, youth leader, or anyone else who has the responsibility or concern for the spiritual well-being of young people. A careful reading and marking of this book, if kept and used for future reference, will in our opinion, go a long way toward preventing the children within your realm of influence or care from becoming involved in the occult.

Encouraging you to read this book, however, implies endorsement or substantial agreement with everything presented therein. Unfortunately, we have some significant problems with some of the "teachings" of the author, so much so that we think it necessary to give you this word of caution and ask that you read the book with a discerning spirit.

Be particularly mindful of those places in the book where Mrs. Michaelsen appears to endorse various psychological concepts, theories, and/or therapies: despite her speaking-out against psychology and its founding fathers (pp. 36-41), the "psychotechnologies" of our day (p. 280), and the plans of New Agers to bring their destructive philosophies into the public schools via "self-esteem" teachings (Appendix A), she nevertheless appears to fall into the trap of accepting as legitimate, various psychological techniques and theories that, though not necessarily occultic in nature, are nevertheless without Biblical foundation.

For your review, we have provided the following listing of some of those instances in which we believe the author has accepted or endorsed an unbiblical/ psychological concept:

p. 142 -- Freudian unconscious and "buried psychological needs"

p. 236 -- Raising "confident" children

p. 238 -- Confusing 'habits' by calling them "addictions"

p. 282 -- Self-forgiveness

p. 120 -- Self-respect

p. 118 -- Focus on children as "valuable individuals"

p. 296 -- Unconditional acceptance

pp. 254,277,292 -- Psychological counseling and therapy

p. 262 -- Low self-image and psychological personality 'types' or 'M.O.'s'

pp. 63,67,141,231,242,244,248,249,254 -- General quoting of psychologists, psychiatrists, and other 'mental health professionals' as scientific authorities

Biblical Discernment Ministries - Revised 2/92