The Evangelical Alliance Mission (T.E.A.M.)

Mission Improbable?

-  The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) has had suspect neo-evangelical associations for over two decades, but has in recent years unmistakably chartered a new evangelical course. TEAM's home office (Wheaton, Illinois) has persistently claimed that TEAM opposes new evangelicalism, while at the same time its missionaries on the field have joined in all sorts of ecumenical compromise (e.g., Billy Graham crusades -- Norman Mydske, a missionary with TEAM, was the director of the 1991 Billy Graham Argentina Crusade, and George Snook, field chairman for TEAM, was the 1990-91 missionary/scholar-in-residence at the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College). The following items were reported in the 7/15/92 Calvary Contender:

(a) Dr. Don Jasmin warned (6/87, FBF News Btn.) that a TEAM radio ministry was headed by Southern Baptist ecumenist Dr. Billy Kim (Far East Broadcasting Company, Korea). Billy Kim speaks and travels with hyper-charismatic David Yonggi Cho, is vice president of the apostate Baptist World Alliance (an organization which has conducted on at least three occasions "theological dialogue" with the Vatican Secretariat for promoting Christian unity), and was a 2/88 Moody Founder's Week speaker (5/1/93, Calvary Contender).

(b) Christianity Today Senior Editor and pope-praiser Dr. Kenneth Kantzer has served on TEAM's board many years since the mid-70s or earlier.

(c) The 2/27/84 Christian News carried a TEAM letter documenting TEAM compromise and cover-up.

(d) BJU Chancellor Dr. Bob Jones in a 5/9/80 open letter to TEAM cited its involvement in an IVCF Urbana conference, and said: "For more than 20 years now I have protested not only the compromise of TEAM but also the deceit which is practiced by your office in misrepresenting entirely TEAM's position, which is as ecumenical as that of any 'faith' mission I know. Naturally, the result of this deception is that you are getting money from Biblical Christians who would not give you a dime if they knew the facts as to what TEAM missionaries are doing around the world in promoting apostasy, ecclesiastical compromise, and ecumenicity."

-  TEAM is a member of the IMFA (Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association), along with Trans World Radio, RMBU Int'l., Overseas Christian Servicemen's Centers, Jews for Jesus, Back to the Bible, Far East Broadcasting Co., etc. IMFA is a highly neo-evangelical missions organization, made up of 59 such agencies and 6,500 missionaries. IFMA accepts missionaries from liberal denominations or churches as long as they agree to the doctrinal position of the mission societies. Missionaries thus find themselves cooperating with these churches in order to represent their ministries. Obviously, separation from ecumenism is practically impossible in this situation. Some of its members even accept World Council of Churches' (WCC) funds to aid their medical or educational ministries, thus finding themselves entangled in WCC commitments in spite of the fact they make pronouncements against the liberal WCC position.

Since some of the member agencies/societies have resigned over the years as IMFA has become more ecumenical and more neo-evangelical, we can only assume that TEAM's continued membership is an indication of agreement with IMFA policy. For example, does TEAM agree with this IFMA statement?:

"It is recognized that within liberal groups there are some individuals which are concerned that the Gospel go forth in its fundamental, evangelical form. IFMA missions provide a channel for missionary giving for many of these, and for independent nondenominational churches as well."

In recent years, the IFMA has begun to work closely with the EFMA (Evangelical Foreign Mission Association), the two associations being represented on eight joint committees. The EFMA has a number of tongues-speaking Pentecostal groups as members.

-  The Boards of TEAM and the 90 year-old Bible Christian Union (BCU) voted to merge BCU into TEAM effective 1/1/94. Both were members of IFMA (see above). BCU's director, George Murray, will replace TEAM's Richard Winchell in 8/94, working with Winchell until then. BCU will give up its name.

Biblical Discernment Ministries - 1/94