C.S. Lovett

General Teachings/Activities

-  C.S. Lovett is the president of Maranatha Family, which has its motto, "Helping Christians 'Prepare For His Appearing' since 1951," and publishes the Personal Christianity newsletter. He has pastored a nondenominational church in Baldwin Park, California, for the past 40 years. His training is in Baptist Schools (he graduated from California Baptist Theological Seminary), has done graduate work in Psychology at Los Angeles State College, and holds an honorary doctorate from the Protestant Episcopal University in London. He is a retired Air Force Chaplain with the rank of Lt. Colonel. He has written more than 40 books. Unfortunately, most everything he has written is gross heresy.

-  Lovett teaches a slightly modified form of Mind Science-ancient sorcery dressed up in Christian terminology. This is similar to the teaching which advocates having "faith in your faith." Lovett urges us to have faith in our subconscious. Moreover, he suggests that it was not through the power of God but through tapping into the power of the human unconscious that Jesus healed. (Reported in The Seduction of Christianity, p. 115):

"Would it shock you to learn that God's healing power is available through your own mind and you can trigger it-by faith! ... If you had direct access to your unconscious mind, you could command any disease to be healed in a flash. That's how much power is at hand. Jesus obviously had access to it, for He produced command healings. But God has purposely placed this power beyond our awareness. That way fallen man can't tamper with it. However there is a way to get to it indirectly-by faith ... Sounds like mind science? I admit that. It's true that the cults have discovered certain of God's healing laws and use them to lure people into their webs ... But let me ask, should born-again believers be denied healing simply because certain cults exploit these laws ...?"

-  More "Science of the Mind" from C.S. Lovett: "Imagination is the key to creation. Everything God is doing he first sees in His mind. And so it is with men made in His image ... While our faith allows us to accept what we can't see ... imagination takes us a step beyond, allowing us to picture what we cannot see. Isn't that remarkable!" (Reported in The Seduction of Christianity, p. 157.)

-  And on the Christianization of the occult technique of visualization

"Around 300 years ago there was a French monk by the name of Brother Lawrence, who developed the art of visualizing the Lord Jesus, and it revolutionized his life ... THE MOST NOBLE AND GLORIOUS PURPOSE OF THE IMAGINATION IS GIVING REALITY TO THE UNSEEN LORD! ... As you know, many tend to be superstitious about picturing the Lord ... But you see, the Lord doesn't care one bit how we visualize Him ... Picture Him any way you wish, but love Him ... I know from experience your enjoyment of Him is going to be greatly enhanced by giving Him arms with which to hold you." (Reported in The Seduction of Christianity, p. 160.)

"Turn on you imagination screen ... We're going to do an exercise that can help you visualize the Lord. I want to make sure you have a clear mental picture of Him ... But you see, the Lord doesn't care one bit how we visualize Him ... Anyone willing to humble Himself on a cross for us isn't going to fuss over the way we picture Him in our minds ... Thank you for alerting me to this glorious use of my imagination ... my visualization of You is going to get clearer as we spend more time together" (The Seduction of Christianity, p. 173).

-  In a 1991 Personal Christianity article, Lovett introduced a weight loss program tied into his conception of Biblical fasting: 

"It is only in recent times that I've focused on the spiritual side of fasting ... I am very excited about a new breakthrough that allows you to fast without hunger. A person could easily take off 100 pounds or more if necessary ... when they want to know how you did it, you can reply ... 'I did it God's way. I fasted.'"

-  In a 1971 book What's A Parent To Do?, Lovett shows his Freudian thought processes, his charismatic approach to dealing with so-called demon oppression ("the devil made me do it"), his complete lack of concern for doctrinal purity in the church, his equating of spiritual passion with sexual passion, and his condoning of abortions for pregnant teens:

(a) "No teen consciously seeks to avenge himself on his parents by getting into trouble with the law. He is moved by an unconscious drive What he suffers is unreasoned. It takes place down deep where there is no reasoning or understanding" (p 18).

(b) "... a four step plan that really works It's a real experience to tell Satan to 'bug off.' It's an adventure when he goes! ... the idea that someone could have engineered all his trouble. He wonders if he could have been the victim of satanic suggestion ... it is something a person wouldn't do unless he were led into it in some mysterious way. Isn't that right? ... It is a fantastic thing to get the anti-satan skill into a young life Those parents who equip their teens with the anti-satan skill, give them one of the finest advantages for walking in the Spirit [pp. 137-138] ... Next to God, he is the most powerful person in the universe. He has the power to thrust tempting ideas into our minds as easily as God can inspire us. For instance dear, if it ever occurs to you to wear your neck line a little lower or your hemline a little higher, so that you will be noticed or admired, you can be sure the devil put it there ... It's healthy for young people to learn that Satan is the author of many of their rebellious feelings and resentments against their parents" (p. 146).

(c) "... the church you select for your teens must be one that GLOWS with the Spirit. It is not enough to find a fellowship that acknowledges Christ as God and treasures the Bible as His Word. It should be a church that enjoys the testimonies of young people experiencing the thrill of Christ. The church must be ALIVE ... Don't insist on finding a church that conforms to your doctrinal system. Doctrinal exactitude should NOT have the priority over-spiritual warmth and vitality ... Thrills in the Spirit will do more to involve young people with Christ than the sterility of precise doctrine. It can be demonstrated that joy in the Lord involves teens with the Christ-life quicker than a head full of doctrines. Discount your doctrines if need be, to get into a glowing church [pp. 160-161] ... the average evangelical church will not meet the emotional requirement of a teen" (p. 206).

(d) "It is not uncommon for young people to become sexually involved following their participation at a youth camp Young people sometimes get high on Christ ... Unfortunately spiritual highs are akin to sexual highs. That is, the same feelings which accompany sexual satisfaction also accompany spiritual highs. Thus a spiritual experience can be used by Satan to trigger sexual feelings ... Not a few young people have become his victims after a glorious youth conference" (p. 228).

(e) "For some Christians this a bad word. A decision for abortion should not be based on public opinion, but your own opinion as to when the fetus becomes a person ... If you hold the opinion that God does not place the person in the fetus until after the fourth month (or when the mother feels life), then an abortion would be no problem for you. The fetus would merely be body tissue with no independent life of its own. It would be like removing an appendix or some other mass of tissue. Certainly it could not be murder as some claim ... If you feel there is no child until the moment of birth, then you could also consider abortion as a possible solution ... Aside from the moral issue, it has been my experience that abortion solves the problem with the least amount of bad side effects. If the girl is very young, say 13 or 14 , then it can be done and forgotten. You avoid any risk of her not being ready for pregnancy. The surgeon's scalpel removes the tissue and God's forgiveness removes the guilt feelings" (pp. 230-231).

Biblical Discernment Ministries - 7/92