These are things that you may consider bringing along when you come to fish with us in Wrangell:

1. Shoes or boots that will keep your feet dry.

2. Limit the amount of clothing you bring. We have a washer and dryer available so you can wash clothing daily. You can pack a large carry on and then use the space to bring home fish as your baggage. Keep this in mind when packing. We have rain gear and warm insulated jackets/bib overalls

3. A warm hooded sweat shirt; Polar Fleece works best.

4 Bring a warm hat and gloves.

5. Underwear and socks for 3-4 days as you can wash these as well.

6. Sunscreen

7. Rain gear if you like....we have rain gear and warm clothing /coveralls of all sizes. Very large individuals should bring

    rain gear that will fit. (we go up to 2XL after that you will need to bring your own)

8. A good camera if digital bring your charger or extra batteries. rechargable batteries last longer and in the long run are cheaper than traditional batteries in digital cameras.

9. Bug repellant - we have some but if you have allergies you will need to bring your own.

10. Toiletries and personal grooming is your responsibility bring what you need, we do have soap and towels you may use when showering but personal items are something you will need to bring.

11. Go online and purchase your fishing license at:


Don't worry about:

Fish Boxes / we can buy those at the airport

We have plenty of vacuum bags

Don't bring any knives we have plenty

Fishing poles or tackle we have plenty...

Booze... we have 4 liquor stores! Of course, you will need to buy your own.

Washing clothes, we have two washers (free) and a dryer(we also provide detergent)

Hair dryer - we have a couple to loan