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 As I am retired from the charter business, I can make every effort to arrange for a guided fishing experience with some of our local qualified guides.


Self Guiding??? Click here for rates and more details below






Our place in Wrangell, a bunk house and 5 bedroom two story.



Cutie gets a 100lb beauty

A nice halibut

Ocean run King Salmon


Self Guiding Options


Self Guided means just that. You will have to bring your own boat and find the fish on your own.You  are taking the initiative to guide yourself rather than our usual option of going fishing with our guide who knows the area and is required to have Coast Guard licensing. It does not mean having the benefit of being escorted by an experienced person that knows the area and has a good understanding of tides and the hazards you may encounter on the ocean. Understand that the rate difference is because you have accepted the risk involved in guiding yourself. The inside passage is completely different than the open ocean. We do not have the extreme conditions or large swells you may see when not protected by the islands of the inside passage. We do have days when the wind and tides do make for rough water. We also have strong currents and extreme tidal differences. It is recommended that before engaging in self guiding that the boat operator/owner develop a strong understanding of the challenges he/she will encounter on the waters of the inside passage. Owning and operating a boat equipped with the latest GPS will help greatly especially if it is loaded with software that identifies all the high spots and rocks in the area. We recommend Navionics Gold or better for this type of excursion.

What you get with the option of going it alone...

You can rent part of our bunkhouse type lodge which sleeps four or a three bedroom apartment with kitchen and living room dining area capable of sleeping up to six. 

We can then provide you with assistance at locating the best fishing areas. This is simply a matter of us providing you with a GPS with many popular hot spots marked.

More details about the accomodations:

We offer two options:

1. The "bunkhouse" sleeps 4 in twin beds.

2. The bunkhouse has one bathroom with shower and a fully equipped kitchen.

3. The bunkhouse is open concept with only the bathroom fully enclosed. The rest of the area is open.

4. We are not located on the water. However, the bunkhouse and apartments are close to the airport and ferry terminal as well as the Wrangell harbor facilities (1/4 mile). We are within blocks of downtown Wrangell.

5. We have cable television and cell phone service.

6. We have excellent cold storage, commercial vacuum sealing, fish smoking and equipment rental.

7. We will locate harbor space for you that you will have to pay for at a very reasonable rate.


The Apartment is 3 bedroom with double beds and a fully equipped kitchen. A single bathroom with shower is included.

All the ammenities listed with the bunkhouse are included in this unit as well. Biggest advantage: private rooms


Bunkhouse kitchen (right) and living area (left)

Bringing your own boat? Think about these requirements...

You need a boat preferably 19ft or larger with a very relilable engine and kicker.

Your boatwill also need to have a VHF radio and should be equipped with life vests and flares.

Moorage is available in the Wrangell Harbor at the rate of .30 cents a foot per night or you can

pull your boat and trailer it back to our location at the end of each day at no charge.

Your boat should have fuel capacity for traveling up to 70 miles round trip.

You will need an anchor with no less than 150 feet of rope and 12 feet of chain behind the anchor.

You need to get the boat to Wrangell. Highways through Canada and into Prince Rupert BC are excellent and

we will help you plan your trip. Part of the journey will include a Ferry ride to Wrangell Island.

This can be done on the Alaska Marine Highway call for more details.

You will have to book at least one week at our place several months in advance. We prefer 2 week stays.

You have the option of us doing the cooking and providing meals or you can do your own.

We can comfortably house between 4 and 6 individuals in each of our 2 facilities.

Rates vary according to what you need.

We have available: freezers, vacuum packing, fish cleaning.

Transportation around the island.

Preset GPS that can be rented.

Plenty of fishing poles, and equipment to get you started.

Advise as to where the fish are and how to be successful.

All sorts of bait and tackle is available in local retail outlets or at the dock.

Lodge Rent: (if you choose to guide yourself and have your own boat)

Basic Lodge - sleeping accomodations and cook your own meals- $2000 per week total. Limit 4 persons.

Additional persons $250 each.*

Lodge plus sleeping accomodations and we cook all meals and provide on the water sack lunch

for up to four persons- $500 per week total. Additional persons $100 each*

Lodge plus equipment- All of the above plus GPS and poles and basic leaders and sinkers, Fish packing

cold storage, help with fish cleaning and transport to and from the water. $500 per week total plus .75 cents a

pound for fish vacuum packing and freezing. Fish smoking is available for an additional $2.00 per pound.*

*All packages are designed for a group of four people. Prices listed are for four people to share not per

person. In other words, if the price listed is $2000 then each person is responsible for $500.

Groups of fewer than 4 will still pay the same total amount of $2000

Additional personscharged at the rate posted e.g. $100 each for meals and $250 for accomodations.

Deposit to hold lodging and meals is 50%