Rich Deaver

Wrangell,Alaska "Powerfishing" in Beautiful Southeast Alaska   

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Rich fished the Wrangell area for over 25 years. . Most of fishing is within 30 miles of Wrangell depending on the run and weather conditions. Since the area is sheltered by thousands of islands, the water is generally calm and can be fished nearly every day.

Rich aboard his 26 ft Olympic
Besides fishing, Rich loves to cook for his family and friends..

Hearty meals include fresh caught seafood including Salmon, Halibut and for sure...Dunginess Crab

friends show off some nice "butts"


(below) Retired Capt. Rich Deaver has been fishing the waters surrounding Wrangell for over 28 years. First, as a commercial fisherman then as a charter captain.

breaking a halibut

                                                                                                                                               to lead 180lb


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