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Catches have been good during the last few summers check out some of our fish!

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36 pound king 25 pound king good eaters  
takes two to land one derby prize winner    
nice days catch 100 lb halibut nice kings 05
30lb king 154# halibut again 123# June butt
nice king 3 nice butts Wyoming strikes Wyoming strikes again
early king 45 lb butt heck of a day crab eaters!!!!!
terrysilver.jpg (263006 bytes) ronking.jpg (43317 bytes) whitsbutt.jpg (174147 bytes)
sweet little Silver Ron's Hog 70 lb Halibut A King and small butt
casperking.jpg (16543 bytes) dericksilver.jpg (12518 bytes)
180 lb halibut plus! 27lb king and butts Early silver in July Nice king

Alice3.jpg (22529 bytes) Casper3.jpg (32312 bytes) Casper.jpg (175685 bytes) Casper5.jpg (35445 bytes)
2 girls & halibut nice King 215 lb. halibut group picture
Crabs.jpg (48041 bytes) Daanefsh.jpg (65357 bytes) Deansmth.jpg (25658 bytes) Duane.jpg (38856 bytes)
crabs crabs 2 nice kings 38lb king 256 lb. halibut

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Eve1.jpg (32541 bytes) Kathy2.jpg (93593 bytes) King1.jpg (45813 bytes) Kitefish.jpg (33820 bytes)
Eve's first silver damn nice fish kids first king good stringer
Lippold2.jpg (36048 bytes) Mvc-258s.jpg (34539 bytes) Rodmunt.jpg (53152 bytes) Timdodsn.jpg (26244 bytes)
121 lb halibut father and son good catch nice king
Owensfsh.jpg (44826 bytes) connie 1.jpg (30635 bytes) brett1.jpg (67435 bytes) brett connie2.jpg (53523 bytes)
kings galore 35 lb king 33 lb king 50 lb halibut
kentucky 2.jpg (27713 bytes) lewiston 1.jpg (47512 bytes) kentucky.jpg (38331 bytes) lewiston3.jpg (23857 bytes)
damn nice excellent day 2 real nice kings another good day
mike cal tim good day.jpg (27670 bytes) kathy+lots of fish.jpg (20031 bytes) pierre guys 2.jpg (29787 bytes) rich2000king.jpg (76791 bytes)
good stringer 8 nice halibut super king early June king