Ramrod Charters

Rich has retired! Now I spend my summers in Wrangell enjoying family and friends as well as the weather and wonderful fishing.

Wrangell,Alaska in Beautiful Southeast Alaska 

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                                                                                              ( Best fishing time

                 Excellent King Salmon 27lb. June Mike's first King

We appreciate all the wonderful friends we have had the opportunity to serve over the past 20 something years.We have always enjoyed Wrangell, which is located in Southeast Alaska near Juneau and Ketchikan. Air service is available two times a day on Alaska Airlines. Throughout the summer there are many opportunities to catch record Halibut, King Salmon, Silver Salmon and assorted other bottom fish. Best times for Kings tends to be in the early summer May and June. Silvers are around in late July and all of August. Halibut are in the area all summer. There are still several charter operators available in Wrangell and all have web sites which are easy to find by searching the internet.

Typical halibut for the Wrangell area. During the summer months, salmon and halibut move through the area. There is a constant change in the availability of various species of fish.  Generally, one can expect King salmon in early summer followed by Silvers in late summer. Halibut are around all the time.

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