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Learn to blend the head from the picture below into Cindy Crawford's picture below.
original girl's head original Cindy Crawford picture

The pictures on this page are from the "Blend Color Tones Lesson in the Tutorial".
Click on any picture on this page to see a page from the tutorial.

The Blend Color Tones Lesson will show you the over 25 tools that can be used and how to use them to blend color tones and to blend skin tones. This lesson teaches you how to use the settings these tools have to get the color tones you want. Don't be overwhelmed by the quantity of tools, 17 of these tools use the same sliding scale percentage setting to produce different results. In fact, only four or five of the same tools are needed most of the time to blend color tones. But, I'll give you tips and tricks to using all the tools so you can use them when you need them.

You will learn how to transform the picture below into the picture below in five easy steps.
lean to transpose a blonde head onto Cindy Crawford's body lean to color blend the blonde hair and skin tones into Cindy Crawford's body
The two pictures above are cropped cuts from the full sized pictures to fit in this space.

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How To Color Blend A Blonde Head Into Cindy Crawford Picture

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