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Some of my customers have requested a means of expressing their gratitude for services I have rendered. I created this page as a means of accepting gratuities.

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Ann Margret is passing the hat to those who wish to express their gratitude for services rendered.

Those of you who wish to give a gratuity can click on the Credit Card Icon above. All donations are highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.


The photo on the right is a good example of how Photo Enhancer can expand a picture and make the background of a picture transparent.

Ann-Margret's original picture. It will show in a Popup Window so you can see the two pictures side by side.

If you compare Ann's original picture to the picture on the right you will see Photo Enhancer added to Ann's arms and body. Then added the hat and money.

Click here or on Ann's picture to see Ann-Margret with an empty hat in hand.

Send Photo Enhancer a gratuity for services rendered.

Email: Photo Enhancer

Ann-Margret is Passing the Hat

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