Emphazise Webpage jpeg Pictures by Making them Transparent Photo Enhancer

Photo Enhancer can make jpg pictures appear transparent.

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I am often asked to make pictures transparent for Webpages. Unfortunately, there is no way to make jpeg pictures transparent and gif images have to be reduced to 256 colors which degrades their quality. There is a little trick that can be applied to jpg pictures to make them appear transparent. Below are two Lynda Carter examples.

Click on either picture below to see a full body cutout of Lynda as a transparent Webpage picture.

Lynda Carter transparent picture

Photo Enhancer can encase your pictures in beads like the photo above or create ovals like the photo below. Email your pictures to Photo Enhancer and I will make them appear transparent like these pictures of Lynda Carter.

lynda carter oval frame transparent pic

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Emphazise Webpage jpeg Pictures by Making them Transparent

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