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If it's so easy to enlarge pictures, why do I say it can't be done?

When I say it can't be done, what I really mean is it usually can't be done to one's satisfaction.
If it could be done without distortion, I would do it free. Cause, like I say, it's very easy to enlarge pictures.
But, as the pictures below demonstrate, it can't be done to most people's satisfaction.

Digital pictures distort progressively more as they're enlarged

If you look at the two pictures on the left below, you'll notice that Gina Ryder's picture is clearer and sharper than Erica Eleniak's picture. Yet, the Erica picture, when doubled in size, seems to distort less than Gina's picture. The distortion on Erica's picture is less noticeable because the quality of the original is poor. So, the enlargement distortion in quality doesn't appear as drastic.

How much a picture will distort when resized is anyone's guess until it's actually done. It's clear to see, irregardless of their original sharpness, pictures become blurry and blotches are quite noticeable when pictures are enlarged. This becomes very evident when they are doubled in size. The blurriness and blotches become progressively worse as the picture is enlarged. Unfortunately, there isn't anything anyone can do to prevent this.

On the other hand, digital pictures do not distort as much when resized smaller.
In fact the distortion isn't usually noticeable when a picture is resized smaller until it is shrunk to around thumbnail size.

My thoughts are continued below the pictures...

Gina Ryder 150 x 200 pic Gina Ryder 300 x 400 doubled in size pic
Gina Ryder small pic

Do these eyes look familiar? I used Gina's eyes to create the winking eye above the navigation links on the other pages of this Website.

Gina Ryder doubled in size pic
Erica Eleniak 150 x 200 facial pic Erica Eleniak 300 x 400 doubled in size pic
Erica Eleniak cropped facial pic Erica Eleniak facial pic doubled in size

Digital pictures have to be very large to make large prints

The 300 x 400 pixel pictures on the right above are sized to make 1 x 2 inch prints. If we wanted to make 8 x 10 inch prints, the 150 x 200 original pictures would have to be at least 1440 x 1800 pixels or 9 times larger. The distortion would be like that of the cropped face of Gina Ryder's pic below after the original picture was enlarged that much. Of course, if your picture is already that large (1440 x 1800) and it is a good clear picture with a ppi of 180, then it should make excellent 8" x 10" prints.

This demonstrates why I say it can't be done when people ask me to enlarge small pictures so they'll make large prints. As the above shows, just doubling a picture in size usually distorts it too much to make a high quality print.

Click here to use my free print size calculator to determine how big of prints your digital pictures will make.

Gina Ryder 4  times larger cropped facial pic

There are a myriad of things that can affect the quality of a printed image. The quality of the camera and the steadiness of the person who takes the picture are very important if they can be controlled. Often times, we are stuck with what we've got however.

Next comes lighting or lack of. Again, we are often stuck with what we've got.

Poor lighting, and even good lighting at times, can cause all kinds of imperfections in digital images. Even the best digital images often have unaccountable imperfections caused by lighting conditions. It's the nature of the beast so to speak. These imperfections are generally small and go unnoticed until the image is enlarged. They then magnify in proportion to the amount of enlargement. There is nothing you can do to stop this without retouching the imperfections before enlarging the image. When an image is enlarged too much, (blotches) pixelization sets in until the image breaks up into an unrecognizable image.

A trick I sometimes use on images people want enlarged more than they should be is to blur them after enlarging them. Blurring smooths out the pixelization that occurs when a digital image is enlarged too much. The effects of blurring are less noticeable when the image is viewed from a distance. A device the movie and television industries have used since inception.

It's easy to have your photos enhanced by Photo Enhancer.
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Most transpose and change background enhancements are done for $7.00 to $9.00.
Your scheduled enhancement time will be included with your payment receipt.
I will work with you to make your enhancements the way you want them.
I strive to do enhancements within one business day after receipt of payment.
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Your privacy and satisfaction guaranteed.
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It's Very Easy to Enlarge Pictures To Any Size You Want

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