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Photo Enhancement Policy:

My Goal: My goal is to make your photo enhancements the way you want them to be. I will work with you to accomplish that goal.
Privacy: Your privacy is of the utmost importance to Photo Enhancer and I will not intentionally do anything to invade that privacy.
email: Photo Enhancer will not divulge or sell your email address to any third parties without your expressed permission.
Your Photos: Your photos are just that. You retain all copyright rights to your photos and any enhancements I may do on them. Photo Enhancer will not display, distribute or make public your photos, or their enhancements, in any way (including the Internet) without your expressed permission or by court order.
Photo Formats: Photo Enhancer prefers to receive and process photos in jpeg (.jpg) format. Photo Enhancer will accept photos in other formats such as gif, bmp, psd, tif and many more for enhancement. Photo Enhancer will notify you if you send a photo in an unrecognizable format.
Photo Scanning:

Photo Enhancer only accepts digital photos for enhancement. So, if you only have photo prints, you will have to scan your prints before sending them to Photo Enhancer.

Please scan your prints at a minimum of 180 ppi (pixels per inch) for best enhancement resolution. The highest quality prints can be made from photos with a resolution of 180 to 360 ppi (pixels per inch).

If you need to have your pictures scanned, here are some suggestions where you may be able to have it done:

Mail Boxes Etc.
A local drug store
A local photography studio
Some chain grocery stores
Your local library
A friend with a scanner - some printers have scanners and their easy to use.

I suggest you call the above to be sure they provide scanning to the public.

Photo Content: Photo Enhancer recognizes that it cannot control the type of photos submitted to Photo Enhancer and does not wish to. In that vain, Photo Enhancer will do it's best to fulfill your enhancement requests on any photos submitted to Photo Enhancer without regard to content.

Photo Enhancer reserves the right to refuse to work on any photos that may be of, or for, an illegal nature. Photos suspected of being of an illegal nature will not be protected from being viewed by authorities.

All photos enhanced by Photo Enhancer will be processed and saved in uncompressed, high resolution, print quality, jpeg (.jpg) format.

Photo Enhancer enhances copies of your photo leaving your original intact. Photos sent back to you will have a different file name so they won't overwrite your originals.

Photo Enhancer will do it's best to enhance your photos according to Photo Enhancer's interpretation of the enhancements spelled out in the payment request form. Unless specifically spelled out in the payment request form enhancement agreement, Photo Enhancer will not be required to recreate unrecognizable content in a photo and may choose to obliterate the unrecognizable content entirely.

I Accept Payments
PayPal and

Money Orders

My preferred method of payment is through PayPal. I accept any method of payment PayPal accepts. I also accept Money Orders. I will inform you of when I have you enhancement scheduled upon receipt of payment. I strive to complete enhancements within one business day after receipt of payment.

Send your Money Order or Personal Check to:

  • Photo Enhancer
  • 602 NW 9th Lot 103
  • Madison, SD  57042
More Info: Click here for more information and my guarantee.
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Photo Enhancement Policy by Photo Enhancer

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