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Most places charge $50.00 or more per hour plus shipping to enhance photos.
Others charge a so called flat $35.00 plus shipping per photo with conditions.

Photo Enhancer only charges for the specific work done with no hidden costs.
If we feel it would not be cost effective to work on your photo, we will let you know at no charge.
The price we quote you is your total cost of enhancement providing no additional work is requested.

Photo Enhancement Pricelist with Example Links

(Your Total Cost of Enhancement will be based on the estimates shown below)

Photo Enhancer Service Estimated Cost Description Example Link
Add a Person to a Picture $17.50 Cut, resize, lighten or darken, adjust color, paste and blend a person into a new setting. Adding missing body parts to original images may cost more. We can do some remarkable things in this area of our expertise. Add Person
Add Text $3.00 Add text to a photo. Add Text
Change Background $17.50 Replace existing background of a 300x400 photo. Background
Collage $12.00
a person
Multi image composite of four or more people into the background of your choice. Collage
a photo
$29.95 Colorize a 300x400 black and white photo or faded color photo - includes minor retouching of blemishes and splotches. Price for larger photos is based on the price of a 300x400 photo. Colorize
Cropping $3.00 Trim to a defined area. Cropping
$15.00 Per
6000 Square Pixels
6000 square pixels is about twice the area of the PayPal Icon on the left -less for other areas depending on condition and detail required - see More on Retouch below. Retouch
Focus ------- See Sharpen a Photo below.
Framing $7.75 Add a digital border around a photo Framing
Lighten or Darken $3.00 Lighten or darken an entire photo - a little more for specific areas of a photo. Lighten
Remove $17.50 Remove an area of a 300x400 image and replace with a suitable background - can cost less depending on difficulty.  Remove
Repair $17.50 Repair a torn or water damaged 300x400 photo - adding missing parts may cost more - see More on Retouch below. Restoration
Sharpen a Photo $7.75 Adjust brightness and contrast
adjust highlight, midtone colors and shadows
adjust hue, saturation and lightness
normalize all the colors in the photo
sharpen the photo

The above process will bring out the best possible focus on your photo. Very poorly focused photos will still be somewhat blurry.

Transpose $17.50 Cut, lighten or darken, adjust color, resize, paste and blend an image into a new setting. Adding missing parts may cost more. We can do some remarkable things in this area of our expertise. Transpose
More on Retouch Retouching can be quite simple on some photos and can be very labor intensive on others. We do our best to retouch your photo for the total cost you paid. If we quote you a price for a job and later find it to be too labor intensive, we will send you a work-in-progress enhancement and bill you for the additional cost to complete the job. We will then give you the option to pay the additional cost or have your money refunded.
Scanning We do not scan photos. If you are scanning a photo to send us for enhancement, please scan it at a 600 Pixels per Inch (i.e. Data points per inch) and save as a "jpg" image. Your enhancement will be much better as a result.

More Photo Enhancement Services

Photo Enhancer Service Estimated Cost Description
Alterations $9.95 change subject matter such as clothing
Blur $7.45 fade certain areas of a photo
Buttonize $3.00 creates a button appearance
Dilate $3.00 make image appear as if in a fog
Dodging $9.95 fade out areas of a photo
Emboss $3.00 raise entire image in relief
Hot Wax Coating $7.45 make image appear coated with wax
Mosaic $9.95 set small pieces of stone or tile into a photo
Resize $3.00 smaller or larger - enlargements are limited by photo quality only
Vignette $7.45 fade out the borders of an image
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