Photo Enhancer specializes in adding and removing people from photos Photo Enhancer

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Photo Enhancer can copy, paste and blend people into new background settings.

Email your precious moments pics to Photo Enhancer for a free estimate.

Do you have pictures of precious moments that are lacking that special someone?
Do you have priceless pics that have an irritating person or object that doesn't belong?
Photo Enhancer can add or remove that person to/from those precious moments and priceless pics via email.
Before After
woman in yellow dress woman in yellow dress added to birthday scene
Click on either picture above to see the full sized pictures of the woman in the yellow dress added to the birthday scene.

Photo Enhancer specializes in blending people into pictures:

  • Blend people into pictures by moving or replacing a person in the object picture.
  • Combine photos by adding, transposing, transferring and inserting people into pictures while retaining a reasonable facsimile of the original background.
  • Replace, move or delete a person or object from a photo.
  • Create new scenes or settings by combining scenes from two or more pictures.
  • Create realistic composite photos using a combination of the above.

Photo Enhance excels in changing backgrounds on photos by:

  • Remove background from pictures - make image transparent.
  • Adding new backgrounds to pictures
  • Transpose and blend people into new background settings.
  • Expanding a background to accommodate the addition of more people.
  • Adding chopped off body parts such as top of head, arms and legs.
  • Cropping out backgrounds - cut out backgrounds.

It's easy to have your photos enhanced by Photo Enhancer.
Attach your photos to an email and describe the changes you want made.
Send the email to - my email address is at the bottom of every page of this Website.
Photo Enhancer will email you a total cost quote with payment links.
Most transpose and change background enhancements are done for $7.00 to $9.00.
Your scheduled enhancement time will be included with your payment receipt.
I will work with you to make your enhancements the way you want them.
I strive to do enhancements within one business day after receipt of payment.
Leaving pe: (include colon) in the subject line will direct your email to a special folder on my computer.
Be sure to add my email address to your Approved Senders list so my replies don't get blocked as spam.

Your privacy and satisfaction guaranteed.
I will not distribute your photos or email address.
The size and quality of your enhancement is dependent on the photos sent.
Be sure to add this Website (now!) to your Bookmarks/Favorites. You'll be glad you did.

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Email: Photo Enhancer

Click here to Learn How to Edit People Pictures and Change Picture Backgrounds.

Photo Enhancer can turn your precious moments pictures into priceless photos as follows:

Here are some of Picture Viewing treats Photo Enhancer has created for you:

  1. Learn how to cut, copy, paste and blend a person into a photo by taking the Copy Paste Blend Tutorial.
  2. Make quality picture prints the first time by using my Perfect Print Size Calculator.
  3. Order a Picture Viewer or download a free demo to view your scrapbook pictures using your browser.
  4. Order Picture Story Book or download a free demo to document your scrapbook pics and create picture stories.

Here are some time saving and Webpage Optimization programs Photo Enhancer has created:

  1. Search, find and replace text in multiple text type files with my Search, Find and Replace Program.
  2. Make changes to one text file and have those changes reflected in every html file that includes that text file with Computer Side Addins.
  3. Change your email address on multiple Web Pages in a folder with my Email Address Changer program.
  4. Code your email address on multiple Web Pages in a folder with my Email Address Coder program.
    This program includes an Email Address Decoder option to remove the code.
  5. Analyze your meta tags or any text string using my Meta Tag Analyzer. This handy tool can be used to edit and format text strings to get character counts, word counts and duplicated word counts. It can be used to tweak any text string up to 15,360 characters long. It is very handy for tweaking newspaper want ads, theme papers, job resumes, pages in a book and of course Meta Tags.
  6. Learn the Tips and Tricks of getting top ten Search Engine Rankings from my SEO Tips and Tricks tutorial.
  7. Attn. Webmasters: Create linked picture Web Pages using my Web Page Builder program. 

My About - Information section has links to very informative information on this site and digital pictures:

So what are you waiting for? Start clicking on the links above and enjoy. You'll find all the appropriate links you need on every page you visit. So don't worry about getting lost. The navigation links will help you find your way around.

Photo Enhancer specializes in adding and removing people from photos

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