Fake Weight Loss Pictures and Make Me Sexy Poses

by Photo Enhancer

Fake weight loss pictures are what I call "Make me feel good!" pictures

I'll make your body as thin and sexy as you desire.

Your privacy and satisfaction guaranteed.
I will not distribute your photos or email address.
The quality and size of the finished enhancement is highly dependent on the quality and size of the photos sent.
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Full Frontal Pose Remove Double Chin Profile Pose Full Body Pose Make Me Sexy

Sometimes a weight loss picture isn't enough. Sometimes you need a "Make me feel good!" picture.
A nice sexy pose may be just the thing to make you feel good.

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Before After
original weight loss picture original weight loss picture

I will thin, transpose and blend your face into a thinner body for $6.00. This will include removing a double chin, thinning the cheeks and neck, removing blemishes etc. The shape of the body in the pose will become your shape. The hair color will become your hair color.

I will thin, transpose and blend your head with hair into the pose for $8.00. This includes thinning as described above and removing the head and all existing hair in the pose you select. If there is little or no excess hair to remove, the cost will be lowered accordingly. The heads must have pretty much the same attitude. For example, the head and hair in the sample on this page would not fit well with the pose while the face can be made to work.

I will thin and retouch your face to make it match the pose you select. Please don't ask me to apply makeup or change facial expressions. Trying to change facial expressions usually doesn't work and I'm not a makeup artist (I can do minor changes - very minor. LOL).

Try to find poses that have similar color tones and a similar facial attitude to your face. I will resize the pictures to match.

All pictures blur when resized. Small pictures blur more when resized larger than large pictures blur when resized smaller. I try to minimize the blurring as much as I can. When necessary, I minimize it by resizing the larger image smaller or blurring the larger image to match.

I can tilt your face clockwise or counterclockwise. I cannot tilt your face backward or forward or turn it front to the side. By this I mean, I cannot turn a face looking straight at the camera to a profile or make the entire face look up or down.

Matching skin color tones can be the most difficult part of doing these. The closer your skin color is to the skin color in the pose the better. Trying to match skin color tones from outside to inside pictures (and visa versa) sometimes works but often has shadowing that cannot be adjusted.

Email your picture and the pose you would like to appear in. I will tell you if I can add your face to the pose and quote you a price (usually $6.00 for face only or $8.00 for head and hair). Please do not ask me to look for poses for you. You know what you want the second you see it. I could look until the second Tuesday of next week and not find what you want.

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Full Frontal Pose Remove Double Chin Profile Pose Full Body Pose Make Me Sexy

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Click here to see a full frontal weight loss pose example.
Click here to see a remove double chin and fat wrinkles weight loss pose example.
Click here to see a profile weight loss pose example.

Your current body size has no reflection on the cost of a weight loss pose.
I have done weight loss poses for men and women weighing as much as 350 pounds.
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Fake Weight Loss Pictures and Make Me Sexy Poses

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