Weight Loss Pictures are a good Incentive to Lose Weight

Weight loss pictures are a great incentive to help you lose those extra pounds

I'll make your body as thin and sexy as you desire

This full body weight loss enhancement on this page is an example of one that would cost $18.00.

Click here or on the pictures below to see full sized pictures.
Full sized pictures will be shown side by side in their own window.

In the weight loss pose on this page, note the following:

  1. Face and neck are thinner;
  2. Shoulders are closer together and less masculine;
  3. Hair is retouched to reflect the thinner face, neck and shoulders;
  4. Bust size is reduced;
  5. Shoulders, arms, waist and hips are thinner;
  6. Left arm is moved next to the thinner body;
  7. Sweater is retouched to reflect the thinner waist.
  8. Legs are thinner.
  9. Background is kept natural.
Before After
original weight loss picture enhanced weight loss pose
Full Frontal Pose Remove Double Chin Profile Pose Full Body Pose Make Me Sexy

A weight loss pose will make you look younger as well as thinner:

Photo Enhancer will work with you to give you the weight loss pictures you desire.

Your privacy and satisfaction guaranteed.
I will not distribute your photos or email address.
The quality and size of the finished enhancement is highly dependent on the quality and size of the photos sent.
Be sure to add this Website to your Favorites. You'll be glad you did.

Photo Enhancer's Weight Loss Picture Process:

Photo Enhancer will work with you to give you the weight loss pictures you deserve:

  1. Email your pictures with a detailed description of how you would like to appear.
  2. There's an email link at the bottom of every page of this Website.
  3. Leaving PE- or EP- (include hypen) sends your email to a special folder on my computer.
  4. I will analyze what is involved in creating the pictures you request.
  5. I will email the total cost of the enhancement with payment option links.
  6. I will include your enhancement schedule with your payment receipt.
  7. I will crop your body to match the figure I think you want. I may email you a work-in-progress rough-in picture to get your feedback on the figure I think you want. Your enhancement may look really weird at this point.
  8. Once we have your figure correct: I will crop and retouch your face, neck, shoulders, arms, legs etc. to match your body. I may move body parts to make your picture look natural. I will remove puffiness, double chins and fat wrinkles. I will email you a new work-in-progress picture to get your feedback.
  9. Once I have the features correct: I will fill in the background and blend in changes made to your face, neck, hair, arms, legs and clothing. I will email you high resolution, print ready copies from this point on so once you are satisfied with the weight loss picture you will already have the final, print ready version.
  10. I try to keep the original background because seeing yourself in a familiar setting will help you achieve your goal.
  11. Original pictures without complicated backgrounds and patterned clothing help reduce the cost of enhancements.

Weight Loss Picture Costs:

Weight Loss Pictures range in price from $8.00 to $20.00.
Most weight loss picture requests I get are done for $8.00 to $12.00.
Current body size does not affect the cost of Weight Loss Pictures.

Common Weight Loss Picture Enhancement Costs:

  • Face and neck: $8.00
  • Bust: $12.00. Includes head, shoulders and chest. Most common request.
  • Head to thigh: $15.00
  • Full body: $18.00

Hard to reproduce things such as lots of bare flesh, multi-patterned clothing and complex backgrounds may increase the cost of a weight loss picture. Numbers and letters on clothing can also increase the cost if you want them kept.

If a background is too difficult to reproduce, I may suggest transposing your image to a new background. I let you choose the type of background you want. I don't charge any extra for changing the background.

Others charge $25 to $100 for one body size fits all with dull white backgrounds.
I'll work with you on body size and keep the original background
when possible.

Please be descriptive of the changes you want made:

Providing an approximate body size description such as an hour glass figure or broad at the shoulders, thin at the hips gives me an idea of how much weight you want removed. Please be patient as the first picture I send will probably be a work-in-progress guess on how I think you want to appear. You're feedback will help me make adjustments and create a weight loss picture you will strive to achieve. I consider these adjustments and reasonable requests for changes as part of the total cost I have already charged you.

How long does it take to do a weight loss picture?

Most weight loss pictures can be completed within 24 to 48 hours after receipt of payment. This time frame is highly dependent upon how soon you respond to work-in-progress copies I send for your feedback. If you won't be able to provide feedback, please let me know and I'll do my best without it. Please exclude weekends and holidays from this time frame even though they may not apply as I often work on these days too.

Special Note: The quality of the finished weight loss picture is highly dependant on the quality of the original picture.

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Click here to see a full frontal weight loss pose example.
Click here to see a remove double chin and fat wrinkles weight loss pose example.
Click here to see a profile weight loss pose example.

Your current body size has no reflection on the cost of a weight loss pose.
I have done weight loss poses for men and women weighing as much as 350 pounds.
Click on Weight Loss Pose Testimonials to read some client comments on my work.

Weight Loss Pictures are a good Incentive to Lose Weight

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